Vitamix 7500 vs. 750 Buying Guide

Shopping for a blender can be difficult, especially when you are choosing between two products from the same company. You may even wonder why one company has to make two blenders with a slight variation in each? Well, to answer your question, each mixer is useful in providing specific services that are not available in the other. Anyway, if you are torn between the Vitamix 7500 and 750 blenders, here is a comparison of the two items that may help you decide easily.

The Pros

These blenders each have attractive attributes that make them unique. They are:

The Size of the Jug

You will be pleased to know the containers for both the Vitamix 7500 and 750 can hold up to 64 ounces of fluid in them. This is quite a sizable amount considering that other grinders in this range have jugs with fewer capacities, scaling to as low as 32 ounces. With 64 ounces, you can blend your drinks in big batches rather than process smaller quantities every time. Both jars are clear, and they have calibrations on them that allow the user to measure their smoothies.

Heavy Duty

Vitamix machines are known to have powerful motors. This means that they can crush anything that you put in them without going off halfway. Note that these blenders each have a 2.2 horsepower motor. Even though they look big, these machines can fit in the standard cabinets, so storage should not be a problem.


You no longer have to cover your ears with earmuffs when using the Vitamix 750. The new motor has an outer metal covering that muffles most of the sound. Surprisingly, the 2019 model is 40% less noisy compared to earlier versions of the same product. Unfortunately, the 7500 does not have sound reduction properties.

Speed Control

You can regulate the speed with which you use to blend your items. Both blenders have a speed control knob that allows the user to toggle through ten different speeds. It is better to start from the slowest going up steadily. Jump-starting the blender to the highest speed can cost you the jug.


Aside from making smoothies, these blenders can also be used in making chunkier meals such as salsas. Instead of spending your time chopping the ingredients, use the pulse knob to shred the veggies into sizable chunks.

Program Settings

The 750 pro takes the lead here considering that it has five program settings for special purees. The blender has a select knob for this option that has clear writings indicating what each setting is for.

Additional Settings

Both blenders have an opening on the lid. This allows you to add more ingredients whenever you feel that whatever is inside is not enough. More so, they have a tamper, which comes in handy when you need to mix thick batters and move them close to the blades. These devices have new blades made without Teflon, which means you do not have to worry about any unwanted ingredients on your smoothies.

Available Colors

The 750 pro is available in three colors, which are black, copper metal finish, and brushed stainless finish. While the black and brushed finishes look attractive, they are susceptible to getting scratches if they are wiped using a coarse sponge. The 7500 blender, on the other hand, is available in red, black, and white.

Thumbs Down

Although these blenders have several benefits, a few downsides stand out. For instance, the jars are quickly shattered, especially if you start blending at high speed immediately. Be careful when handling the jug, and start at the lowest speed then move up gradually.

For such expensive machines, it is disappointing to note that they do not have inbuilt timers. You still have to wait for your puree to be ready, and then switch off the blenders.


Both blenders are reputable gadgets that can be used for domestic and commercial purposes. However, the Vitamix 750 takes the medal home in this run. While it may have similar features as those of the 7500, the fact that it is less noisy makes it a better choice, since you can comfortably use it at home without the fear of startling your kids or even pets. Additionally, this blender has preprogrammed settings that make it easy for you to make five different purees without a hassle. You only have to select which one and the machine will set itself automatically to the right speed.

Sadly, since this gadget does not have an inbuilt timer, you may have to stick around and wait for your smoothie to be ready and shut it down manually.