Vitamix 750 vs. A3500

The battle of the professional grade blenders is here. On the one hand, we have the Vitamix a3500 and on the other the Vitamix 750. Both have extraordinary features, but only one can take home the crown. Which one will it be? Find out in this detailed review

Vitamix a3500

The first thing that strikes you when you see this machine is its outward appearance. It has a crisp finish and few levers and knobs as compared to most other blenders by this manufacturer. So, you are assured that operating this item is relatively easy with the help of a detailed manual. It does do not have a standard looking body, something that we understand is a result of the large motor that runs it. This blender runs on a 2.2hp engine, which is relatively good since it can crush the toughest items as long as they are cut into smaller chunks.

Smart Machine

You get to enjoy a smart machine experience courtesy of the 17 programs and 500 recipes integrated into it. More so, you can sync the blender to any iOS or Android-powered smartphone and use your recipes for a change. Thanks to the sensors incorporated into the machine, the system can detect the size of jug you place on it, then adjust the settings to what the jar is used for.

Touch Screen Enabled

With a single touch on the screen, you can alter the available sceneries to suit your needs. Soups, cold desserts, spreads, smoothies, and self-cleaning options are available on this blender. More so, you can wipe it down easily, thanks to the non-stick material that it is made of.

Available Timer

The in-built timer allows you to set the time and start the device. It will stop rotating once the time is up. However, a stop button is available if you want to do things manually.

More Features

Whether you want a smooth drink or chunky salsa, you can increase or decrease the speed using the knob to suit your likes. Or, you can hit the pulse icon for a quick blend, and it stops once you stop holding it down. A 4-feet cord is available for instances where the socket is far from the working space. No need to bring extension cables into the kitchen if you have this blender. Most importantly, this machine muffles down the sound.

Vitamix 750

The Vitamix 750 has a smooth, elegant finish to it, something essential in all professional blenders. You can get yourself a 750 in black, brushed stainless, or copper finish colors.

Motor Power

This blender runs on a 2.2 amp motor, which is the same as the A3500, so crushing your nuts and other coarse foods should not be a problem.

Smart Level

Well, this blender has one smart feature, which is the pre-programmed settings. It enables you to pick one out of five available choices then make your drink. The machine automatically adjusts the speed to deal with the ingredients you want to grind, depending on the option you select out of the available ones. A pulse lever and speed variation knob come as part of the package.

Extra Long Blades

Even though this blender has a tamper, you may not use it as much considering that it has long blades that reach ingredients on the outermost level. The blades are also hardened, an aspect that makes it a choice blender for people who grind hard ingredients frequently.

Quiet Machine

This blender is more quiet than its predecessors. With noise reduction levels of up to 40%, this blender can be used both at home and in restaurants easily. Also, it has a cooling system that keeps the motor from heating up. Is your socket far from the working table? Not to worry, since you can extend this blender up to six feet away from the outlet, all thanks to its elongated cord.

Big Jug

You will appreciate its low profile properties when you have guests and want to blend something quickly since you can make your smoothie in one batch effortlessly.


Both machines are powerful, and while each of them has different features, the underlying question is, can the blender serve you longer? In this case, both types of machinery are quiet; they have a pre-set setting and long electric cables. However, the a3600 is a convenient device now that it has smart software integrated into it. The 750 is a performance machine, due to its powerful motor and longer blades. Ultimately, the A3500 is better since it’s cheaper and has several features that ease your work.