Vitamix 5300 Professional Blender Review and Buyer Guide

If you have been looking for a blender online, you must have noticed that Vitamix has dominated the blender industry for many years now and there are no signs of any shift of power judging from the manufacturer’s latest release.

Vitamix 5300, which is an upgrade from 5200, costs a little more than its predecessor but the features discussed in this Vitamix 5300 Blender review justify the price.

Key Features

  • Variable speed control - lets users adjust speed easily for multiple textures. You can rotate the dial at any point while blending meaning it is you in total control.
  • The pulse feature helps chop over smooth purees for delicious recipes such as thick green soups and chunky salsas.
  • A sizeable 64-0unce pitcher that is great for family meals and it fits comfortable under kitchen cabinets.
  • Tough stainless steel blades that can handle the toughest of fruits and vegetables
  • Easy to clean due to the self-cleaning feature – with warm water and few drops of dish soap, your machine can clean itself in less than a minute.
  • You also get a user’s guide, motor base, and a low-profile classic tamper


Vitamix 5300 Blender is a great performer. With its sizeable 64-ounce pitcher and powerful motor, you can make large batches quickly. The professional blender reviews comes with sharp aircraft-grade blades that are stainless steel designed to give you the best delicious and healthy morning smoothies that you love.

With the variable speed control, you can quickly change speed to achieve various textures. You can rotate the dial at any point during a blending session, meaning you are in total control.

The coarse layer slices over smooth purees for healthy recipes such as warm vegetable soups or chunky salsas. Its powerful motor maintains a cool temperature and even torque consistently giving you the power you need to blend any food.

What the Vitamix 5300 Can Do

  • Make hot soups – with this machine; you do not need a stove to make steaming hot soup. The friction from its blades lets you warm soups to serving temperature right in the jar.
  • Make your frozen treats fast – all need to do is add frozen ingredients to the blender, and it will give you fruit sorbet, ice cream and much more in seconds just like Nutri Ninja BL456 and Ninja Fit 700W blender.
  • Can grind coffee, nuts and more – you can make delicious nut butter at home quickly with this machine. Manufacturers have designed it with the power to grind coffee beans into ground coffee and make nut butter from your favorite nuts, and more.
  • Mix dough and butter – you can quickly and quickly mix batters for waffles, pancakes, muffins, cookies, cakes, and crepes. Additionally, you can knead pizza and thick bread dough.
  • Make smoother purees -   Vitamix 5300 Blender comes with massive power to pulverize even the hardest ingredients to enable you to make silky sauces and smoothies for an extended period.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning the Vitamix blender is very easy. It comes with a self-cleaning feature that allows it to clean itself in less than a minute. Fill the blenders jar halfway with warm water; add a few drops of soap and then blend.

Rinse the blender and let it dry. Note that it is essential you thoroughly clean your mixer after every use to ensure your smoothies and sauces are fresh and delicious.

When you do not clean, the pulp and the juice remains will dry which hardens during the cleaning process. If you have to clean the process later, ensure you soak the parts that need cleaning in water.

Design and Features

Vitamix 5300 Blender has a 2.1 horsepower motor designed to work quieter and faster. You can chop and blend veggies, fruits, and more foods while maintaining the consistency you prefer. It works quietly, and you can hold a conversation when operating this machine just like Vitamix 5200 refurbished and BL482.

In addition to the motor, you get a specially designed tamper. The tamper is the part that you can use to push thicker foods towards the blade for thorough blending.

This one has a low profile tamper with a unique collar meaning the tamper will never touch the blades. It will thoroughly mix your ingredients like yogurt and peanut.

The 64-ounce pitcher is large enough for storage. It comfortably fits under most kitchen cabinets meaning you do not have to take it off every time you are not using the blender.

What You Will Like Most About the Blender

  • Versatility- you can do much with Vitamix 5300. In addition to making smoothies, you can grind, cream, chop, churn, and heat. Besides, it is perfect for blending creamed, hot soups or churning ice cream.
  • Easy cleaning – you fill the jar halfway with warm water and add some few drops of dish soap and run it for around half a minute. The clean water will flush away any food or smoothie remnants without the need for scrapping and sponging.
  • No overheating – the machine is protected from overheating which can spoil the motor. It comes with a radical cooling fan and a thermal protection system meaning your powerful motor is protected even when working on hard ingredients.
  • Extensive warranty

However, it is relatively costly.

Final Thoughts

If you want to invest in the best mini blender, consider those by Vitamix. The 5300 series is one of the best Vitamix blenders: it can handle the thickest, most hard foods thanks to its powerful 2.1 HP motor and tamper.

Its versatility will transform how you prepare meals. Additionally, the company offers you a 7-year guarantee of free repairs and replacement when you buy Vitamix 5300. The blender is worth every penny.