Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System 1500 Blender & Food Processor Review

Purchasing a blender for your kitchen is a huge decision. They don’t come cheap, and it is easy to make a mistake and spend your hard earned cash only to find the device you have purchased does not perform well as you hoped. However, there are many blenders in the market, and Ninja Bl770 is one of them. 

Ninja BL770 blender is excellent for blending, ice crushing, complete juicing, and food processing. The powerful kitchen system comes with a total crushing technology that crushes frozen fruit and ice in seconds for smoothies and creamy frozen drinks. With its use pitcher, you can create sauces, dips, drinks, and more.

The food processor bowl chops ingredients well or makes up to 2lbs of dough. Additionally, plastic parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe. It comes with a powerful 1500W motor that helps crush ingredients fast and maintain evenly consistent smoothie.


Key Features

  • 72 oz. Total Crushing Pitcher and two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with To-Go Lids
  • 1500-watt base
  • 8-Cup Food Processor Bowl
  • BPA free and Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Food Processor Bowl and 30-recipe inspiration guide


Ninja kitchen system offers professional performance and power in extra-large 72oz. Pitcher, extra-large cup processor bowl, and cups. The high-quality blender comes with a 2+ HP motor that can handle limitless tasks fast. The blender is perfect for blending frozen foods, food processing, and vitamin and nutrient extraction.

The total crushing system offers exceptional professional power with blades that crush and pulverize through whole fruits, ice, and vegetables fast. The blender and food processor will blast ice into snow quick and blend your favorite foods into delicious dips, sauces, and smoothies.

The powerful motor satisfies the blending and food-processing needs as smooth and fast as possible. You need less preparation time. It offers a more nutritious, better tasting beverage matching what Hamilton Beach blender, Blendtec blender reviewsand Aicok smoothie blender does.

Design and Material

Ninja BL770 blender is a sleek and stylish device just like all ninja blenders. It comes with a heavy-duty BPA free pitcher that is slender and tall with touchpad keys on the base. Its multiple blade options help cater to your many foods making needs.

The mega system has four blades designed for different food categories – four blade and six-blade technology for efficient blending work, dough blades for dessert or bread making and single serve blades for single serves. You can remove these blades easily. It has extra-large eight-cup food processing bowl that helps the food processor to handle all dough making and chopping needs.

SharkNinja designed three-in-one appliance, which saves you much space. You will also save much cash because you do not have to buy another food processor or device for different ingredients.

You can use the Ninja blender for all your cooking needs. From dough for making cakes and slices of bread or smoothies, BL770 kitchen system is the right device for you. It cuts preparation time by half and offers you enough time to enjoy your foods. The sharp blades and motors ensure that the blender turns ice to snowy flakes and all frozen ingredients into sweet, nutritious blends in seconds.

Easy To Assemble, Disassemble, and Clean

The Ninja kitchen system comes with a manual to help you assemble, dismantle, and clean this blender. The blender’s removable parts are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning easy. Other parts are easy to wash under running water. Always ensure that you are cleaning the blender after every use. If you cannot, soak the removable parts in warm water. When you are cleaning the dishwashable parts, ensure you are doing it on the top rack.


Just like Breville Boss and Bestek smoothie blender, Ninja BL770 blender is a powerful blender & food processor that offers more for its price. Although it might appear costly, it is a worthy investment for you. If you value quality and delicious smoothies, then you will invest in this blender without a second thought. However, this blender might not be suitable for you if you are on a budget. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Removable blades – you can quickly remove them for cleaning.
  • Great choice of containers
  • Crushes ice fast because of its strong motor and sharp blades
  • Good at making and blending dough
  • Great safety lid
  • Makes excellent nut butter

Final Verdict

Ninja BL770 blender offers you a three-in-one feature, which gives it an advantage over the other blenders of the same range. You can enjoy its cutting prowess and capacity for satisfying most needs in the kitchen making it a great kitchen tool. Its powerful motor and sharp blades can handle any foods with ease.     

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