Ninja BL660 Professional Blender for Frozen Drinks and Smoothies

Ninja BL660

You will always be one the lookout for a blender with single serve capabilities and the professional making of smoothies and shakes. With the growing popularity of countertop blenders, Ninja BL660 is all you need to revolutionize your shake blending and smoothie making experience. You could be wondering if it is a powerful kitchen appliance but rest assured that with its Total Crushing Pitcher and 1100W motor you can never go wrong with on of the best Ninja blenders


Key Features

  • A base unit with powerful motor
  • 72 oz. extra-large container – you can prepare smoothies for the whole family
  • Two professional cups with to go lids
  • Single serve functions
  • BPA free and dishwasher parts 


The blender comes with a 1000/1100W motor in the base, which offers enough power for the machine to be an excellent option for a café or juice bar, so the device is enough for home use. It also comes with a large 72oz capacity pitcher, which is more significant than most pitchers in other blenders.

The 16oz single serve jars come with lids so you can serve your juice or smoothie in portions. Their covers mean that you can stick them in a fridge or carry them to work or at the gym.

Its six-blade system together with the powerful motor ensures quick blending. Some reviewers have said that blending various foods such as fruits and leafy greens in less than ten minutes.

The 1100W of motor power with a pulse and three speeds helps you pulverize ingredients with ease. The total crushing pitcher grinds ice to snow fast to form smoothies and creamy frozen juices.

Manufacturers have designed this device to perform multiple tasks just like Nutri Ninja 900W, and Ninja BL482 review. It can make almost anything you need. It can blend, crush, puree and it does that in a controlled way. Most people use it to turn vegetables and fruits into thick blends that contain maximum vitamins and nutrients. You can make dips, juices, cocktails, smoothies, sauces, soups, and even homemade protein shakes. 

Design and Material

One of its feature that makes it stand out is its extra-large and comfortable to pour pitcher. It single serve handy cups with lids are suitable for storing in the fridge or carrying on the go. With these 16oz server cups, you can make small portions which save you time and energy. The little cups tend to blend better than the larger pitcher too.

Easy to Clean

Ninja professional blender 1100W is easy to clean, especially if you get the wide-based version. You add ¾ a cup of water, and a drop of soap then pulse to clean the blades and pitcher.


The relatively low-cost is a big plus to many consumers. However, do not let the price tag confuse you. This blender is a beast when it comes to crushing and pulverizing ingredients. It can easily handle almost anything you throw at it.

Just like many kitchen appliances, Ninja BL660 has its flaws too:

  • Its smoothies are not always smooth – some users reported that the device did not produce smooth smoothies at least for their preference. Only a few users made this point, but it is worth noting.
  • The blender does not handle leafy greens well – many users complained about this because the smoothie was too pulpy. However, this happens with other mixers also. Only the very high rated blenders liquefy entirely green smoothies. When blending green smoothies, experts recommend you use single serve cups. Another alternative to consider is Vitamix E310 blender and Bestek blender review.
  • Some people complained the ninja customer service took too long to answer their queries. However, most of them eventually got help. It is important to note that the ninja has thousands of customers and many of them might be trying to contact customer service thus causing delay.

Ninja professional blender 1100 watts can perform many tasks in your kitchen. Some customers have complained that their blade burned out after a few months. Using the blender for hard tasks can make the mixer burn out. Remember this is not a commercial blender, and such things are likely to occur.

However, the machine is very durable and can give you many years of service. Just like most blenders with powerful motors, this machine can be noisy especially to children. However, it performs tasks well and comes with many unique features that cover this flaw. 

Final Thoughts

Ninja Professional BL660 Blender is a very efficient and powerful blender. It offers you the best value for the money considering the many features of the machine. The large and small containers with lid come in handy for individuals on the go.

 You can blend your favorite shakes, smoothies, and much more efficiently with this blender. Its powerful motor base and blades make this machine suitable for a variety of ingredients including the toughest of foods. You can purchase Ninja BL660 online at an affordable price and start enjoying delicious, healthy soups, smoothies, shakes, and fresh fruit desserts.

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