Ninja BL456 Nutri Edge: Nutri Pro Blender Review

Many people would love to incorporate more vegetables and fruits with valuable vitamins and nutrients in their meals. However, veggies do not taste all that good when eaten raw. Do you know that there is a good way to consume more vegetables and fruits without feeling like you are an “herbivore?” The powerful Nutri Ninja BL456 Pro Blender comes in handy with its powerful 900W powerful motor ideal for pulverizing vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds into a healthy drink.


Key Features

  • Silver in color
  • Vitamin and nutrient extraction
  • BPA free cups
  • Strong blades
  • 75-recipe book
  • Two cups (18 and 24 Oz) with sip and seal

BL456 gives you powerful vitamin and nutrient extraction performance to extract hidden nutrition from whole vegetables and fruits. It comes with 900W of professional strength that crushed vegetables and fruits for vitamins and nutrient-rich juices to take on the go.

The blades pulverize through seeds, ice, stems, skins for a smooth, even consistency. Tighten the Sip and Seal if you want to take your drinks with you. All its parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free. The blender can blend whole vegetables and fruits including ports that you usually discard.


Ninja BL456 will outdo most blenders in its class. You cannot compare it with high-end machines like Vitamix. It will not compete. These high-end blenders come with many features such as creating hot soups with high-speed action.

However, the professional and high-end blenders will also cost you more. When not on a budget and want the highest quality, you can go with the high-end blenders from the Ninja or Vitamix family. If you are looking for a practical blender that is easy to use and powerful enough BL456 is a great option. It has high ratings and great feedback on Amazon.

The machine comes with 900W of power which means it can easily crush ingredients even ice easily without any struggle. It also has reusable cups with lids, which make it portable when you are traveling or if you want to carry your smoothie to your gym or workplace.


Just like Ninja BL610 blender, it  comes with a compact design. It is small and can fit in any countertop without taking up too much space. You can move it from one place to another without using much energy. Makers also used durable materials meaning it will give you many years of service.

Using and Clean

Anyone can operate this Ninja blender with ease. It is straightforward: need to insert, twist and push then hold. With this machine, it is hard for the motor to overheat because once you remove your hands during a blending session, the cycle stops.

Note that not all its parts are dishwasher safe or even comfortable to wash with hands. Never submerge the power base and an electrical component in water or any other liquid. You also need to ensure you have unplugged the machine from power before cleaning it.

The lids and cups are dishwasher safe. That makes cleaning them easy. If you are cleaning the extractor blades, you can use water, and mild soap then let it air dry for a few minutes. Take great care while cleaning these blades because they are incredibly sharp and may cut your fingers by accident.


The price of most kitchen appliances depends on the shop you are buying the item: BL456 blender cost less than $100. A very reasonable price considering the benefits and features that this appliance.

You can almost compare it with the most expensive blenders in the market. If you are buying the blender now, you will be lucky. Its increased demand has led to increased supply as well which has resulted in lowering price for this Ninja machine.

You can make smoothies using frozen blueberries/strawberries all the time. Just ensure you have enough liquid while blending. Its plastic parts are very durable. The manufacturers have said they are dishwasher safe. However, only put them on the top rack of the dishwasher.

You can also easily hand wash them under running water. You can handle banana and yogurt as well. Just throw in some ice if you want, and the blender will still work without any issue. BL456 is a beast, and you will not regret buying it.


Nutri Ninja Pro BL456 is a fantastic machine that is definitely worth the value for its price as the best inexpensive blender. It does an excellent job and produces delicious smoothies from vegetables, fruits, and even leafy greens. If you are looking for a single serve blender, then BL456 is ideal for you. It enables you to crush ice, seeds, skins, stems, and frozen ingredients while getting maximum vitamin extraction from your produce.

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