Enjoy Fresh Smoothies, Sauces, and Juices with MengK Smoothies Blender for Shakes and Food Processor

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In a world driven by the craze for fitness and healthy eating, a blender is a must-have item in your kitchen. Investing in a suitable blender will help you enjoy the many nutritious benefits that come with blending for an extended period.

As many blenders enter the market, it is becoming harder to decide which one to buy especially after going through features and prices. However, MengK blenders offer easy cleanup, massive power, and ease of use. By acquiring MengK Smoothies 1500W-2000W Blender for Shakes, you reward yourself with the professional blender there is.

  • A professional commercial blender for making smoothies
  • 67oz BPA-Free Pitcher
  • Food processor for fruits, ice, and vegetables
  • Kitchen Nutrition blender
  • If you are looking for a powerful blender, look no further. This commercial blender offers 2000W of professional power. Although its rated power is 1500W, it can reach 2000W with a rotational speed of 27000 revolutions per minute.

    The high speed helps you blend fast and ensures efficient pureeing, ice crushing, blending, and controlled processing. The professional blender for shakes comes with a large capacity container (64-ounce) that is BPA free. The cup is perfect enough for a family or some people.

    MengK smoothies blender is ideal for commercial and home use. Its stir jar is food grade high hard, healthy, durable, anti-acid/alkaline, and heat resistant. The powerful motor and sharp six stainless steel blades help you get maximum nutrition from your ingredients.

    The high-performance capability makes it easier to extract maximum nutrients from the foods by crushing through whole vegetables, fruits, and ice in seconds.

    Smart setting with string rod and pulse makes it easier for you to enjoy new recipes. The smoothie blender is ETL certified and lasts two times more than other professional blenders thus giving you the value for your money.

    Those who are not satisfied with MengK blender get a 90-day guarantee on household cups and commercial cups. There is also a unified one-year warranty for the whole blender.

    How MengK Professional Blender Works 

    Ice Cream and Jam: The blender optimally combines and blends frozen ingredients to form frozen dessert creations. It easily blends ice to form fruit sorbet, ice cream, and more frozen foods in seconds.

    Smoothies and Juices: The commercial blender comes with a smoothie function that helps you whip up a tasty variety of drinks fast. Enjoy your nutritious shakes, creamy smoothies, mouthwatering cocktails, refreshing iced tea with this blender and create other delicious drinks

    Coffee: MengK smoothies blender is ideal for grinding nuts, spices, coffee beans, and breadcrumbs to the consistency you prefer, malting bread at home, and creating unique, delicious milkshakes, making a variety of jams, salsas, and sauces, all fast and easy similar to Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet


    MengK blender for shakes is a beast when it comes to crushing fruits, vegetables, ice, and other ingredients. It comes with a powerful motor that runs at 27000 revolutions per minute at 2000W. It mixes moist or dry ingredients efficiently and quickly.

    Its powerful engine comes with six stainless steel blades for excellent results. MengK professional commercial blender produces nutritious and vitamin-rich smoothies within seconds. Put ingredients into the jar, begin the mixing process, put the lid on and your smoothie will be ready in seconds.

    The on/off feature makes cleaning/jogging easier and enables functional selection (vegetables and fruits, grinding, grain and smoothies)

    Easy to Use and Clean

    The blender comes with a manual that helps you assemble, disassemble, and clean it quickly like Ninja intellisense blender. Once you go through the manual, you do not need any help from anyone. Rinsing it has never been more comfortable too.

    You need to fill half the jar with water and a few drops of soap and blend for around 30 seconds, and it will clean the inner parts of the blender. It is advisable you clean it immediately to avoid the pulp and blended remains drying up.


    MengK blender for smoothies is affordable to many individuals. You can try to save some cash by placing an order online. Buying kitchen appliances online will save you a few cents because the shipment comes directly to you without the need for intermediaries who might add some unnecessary costs. 

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    Some of the Warnings to Keep in Mind

    • Always suspend the blender after one machine to ensure its prolonged service life
    • High speed and reliable power – press the cap with your hands when blending
    • Never insert the bottom of the cup in the water. Just clean it with a damp cloth.
    • The sharp blades work with small noise whether MengK blender is new or not so you should keep it far from kids


    • Comes in color black
    • Rated power of 2000W
    • Maximum revolutions of 27000 revolutions per minute
    • Rated voltage of 120V
    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Net Weight: 12.02 Ib
    • Container Capacity: 67oz/8 cups/2L
    • Material: Food grade PC material (BPA-Free)
    • Package Size: 16.54×12.99×9.45 In
    • Package includes a tappet, cap, mixer, and manual


     MengK Smoothies 1500W-2000W Blender for shakes is an exciting device to have in your kitchen. It lets you enjoy freshly made shakes and smoothies at your convenience. It is easy to use and clean due to its amazing features. The smoothie blender comes at an affordable price and is a worthy investment.

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