Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender (54221) Review

Are you always looking for the best-rated yet cheap blender for personal use? Worry no more, because some Hamilton Beach blenders are more affordable compared to other brands Vitamix and Ninja.

Hamilton Beach 54221 is a unique blending appliance given its multi-functionality and capability. Not only does it come with a low price, but it also has many amazing features such as the 14 blending speed options and two pulse options – one low the other high. The machine does not make much noise unless you are using it to crush ice. It breaks ice easily thanks to its 700W motor inside its cute and calm base.

Its 40-ounce glass container is dishwasher safe and features a mess-free spout for efficient pouring. Its blades are removable. However, one of the outstanding benefits of buying this machine is for such a low price; it comes protected by three years unlimited warranty.


  • 700W of peak power
  • 14 blending options
  • 40-pound thermal shock resistant container
  • Mess-free pour lid
  • Patented Wave-Action system forces ingredients down into the sharp blades for smooth results without stirring
  • Powerful ice crushing with unique Ice Sabre blades
  • Three-year warranty
  • Dishwasher safe blades lid and jar
  • Cord storage
  • Enough power to puree, mix, dice, break ice and more
  • The durable motor will serve you for many years

Features and Options

The Hamilton Beach blender gives you many exceptional features such as the ample speed options. It has pulse buttons – one for slow another for high

Smoothie blending is all about the pace of the machine is and nothing else. Therefore, the Hamilton Beach wave action blender does a fantastic job. You do not need to overcomplicate things.

The affordable blender comes with a three-year unlimited warranty, which is very ample considering its price.

Ease of Use

One cannot complain about the Hamilton Beach wave action blender. If you read the user manual well, everything will be straightforward. The many buttons can make the machine hard to choose the right setting, but once you understand what each parameter does, everything afterward will be straightforward. It is easy to use and very affordable just like Aicok blender and Bestek commercial blender.

The ice crushing high pulse and smoothie features are excellent and easy to understand. You can quickly notice the buttons that progress from left to right. The increase in size means an increase in speed. That is the only thing you need to know.

Pick a bigger button if you feel the need to increase speed. Things cannot get much more comfortable. The only tough part is the blender’s lid, which is very tight. However, its sprout makes it easier because you can empty the container first then pry open the cover.


Hamilton Beach blender can comfortably handle most ingredients you throw at it. Whether you are blending fibrous fruits or leafy greens, this machine will do a great job.

Although this machine cannot compete with more pricey and commercial brands, it does well compare to devices in its price range such as Bullet blender reviews.

Its 700W motor gives it enough power to pulverize even the toughest of ingredients easily and fast. The motor can comfortably crush ice. The motor is not noisy even when working on the ice just like Vitamix blender parts.

It is one of the most silent machines in the market. However, it is not a surprise since most Hamilton Beach blenders tend to be quiet. You can hold a conversation comfortably when using this machine.

Hamilton Beach wave crusher blender system is a compact item as well. It does not consume much space and will comfortably fit in most kitchen cabinets.

Easy to clean

A blender that is easy to clean is always a fun machine to won. Hamilton Beach 54221 is easy to use and clean which makes it great for blending. It comes with dishwasher-safe parts, which make it easier to clean.

When using a dishwasher to clean, always ensure you are using the top rack of the dishwasher since the excess heat in the bottom shelf can reduce the durability of the glass jar. It is also good to clean the blender thoroughly immediately after every use.

The machine also has a self-cleaning system that makes it easier to rinse. Rinsing is easy, you fill the jar halfway with warm water and a few drops of dish soap and then run the machine for around thirty seconds.


What voltage does this blender operate?


How noisy is this blender?

The blender is not noisy. You can hold a conversation when the mixer is operating. You do not have to worry about waking up your neighbors when you are using this machine.

How well does this machine crush save ice for better?

It can handle even whole ice cubes and incorporate them well. The blender can handle even the toughest of ingredients easily.

Is it dishwasher safe? 

The glass container, the lid, and the blades are dishwasher safe. However, never insert the motor in water or any other liquid.

Can one add ingredients while the blender is running?

It is best to do it when the blender is off 

What Next?

Are you unsure of how much a mixer means to you and your family? Alternatively, do you need a blender for making smoothies or blending spices occasionally? If so, then the Hamilton Beach wave crusher blender system will be an excellent choice. While it will not break electronic gadgets or silverware, it blends edible items comfortably.

Hamilton Beach blenders are famous all over the world for making delicious and smoothies and shakes. Over the years, individuals have trusted Hamilton Beach for healthy smoothies, shakes, icy drinks, and the technology that this excellent brand brings to the table.