Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W Quiet Shield Blender for Consistent Smoothies

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If you have been searching for a professional blender either online, you have might have come across the Hamilton Beach brand: an American manufacturer of both home and commercial appliances.

Their smoothie makers have received very positive reviews from buyers, blending experts, and stores owners. If you want consistent smoothies, then buying a Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W quiet Shield Blender is a great idea. It is an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced individuals who are always on the move.

Hamilton Beach Professional

Key Features

  • 650W peak-power motor
  • Complete 8piece set
  • Size for each task
  • Great for drinks and foods
  • Pulse action for chopping control
  • Containers are lightweight, BPA free, transparent and dishwasher safe.


The professional blender (58870) combines the convenience of single serve and the practicality of a full-size machine that fits a busy lifestyle. It can easily make shakes or smoothies and can grind hard cheese or puree sauces. Besides preparing a variety of foods and blending drinks.

You can blend classic beverages such as icy drinks and smoothies, but it is equally powerful at preparing foods such as purees and salsas. Upon purchase, it immediately becomes your go-to machine for preparing a variety of things from making smoothies and milkshakes to food preparation such as dicing, grinding, pureeing, and chopping, the blender can handle easily.

Moreover, you can use it crush your favorite nuts or cookies for an ice cream sundae topping. The smaller container has a storage/shaker lid that enables you to grind, store and serve from the same jar. It is also great for making smaller quantities.

Design and Material

The Hamilton 1500W blender has four containers making it perfect for every task. The 32oz bottle is big enough to serve the whole family while the two 16oz travel jars come with drinking lids are light if you want to make smoothies on the go.

You can use the 8 oz. cup to chop or grind finely and use the shaker lid to bring produce to the table. All these containers are shatterproof Tritan, lightweight, crystal clear, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe just like Blendtec blender and Aicok blender 1500w.

The removable filler cap can help you in adding add the ingredients to the bowl you are using. The pulse control enables you to get greater control. The multifunctional blender suitable for most tasks in your kitchen. Hamilton designed the blender for people on the mover.

It makes protein shakes and smoothies that are convenient for a big family. The single-serving 16oz jar travel jar is perfect for blending portable shakes, smoothies, and frozen drinks quickly. It is very convenient, and you can blend and sip from the same container and has a perfect size to fit in your car’s cup-holder.

Easy to Use

The versatile machine is very convenient as you do not have to own multiple blenders since this blender comes with numerous containers. All the containers are BPA free and dishwasher safe which eases and reduces your cleaning time. Always ensure that you are washing the plastic parts in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Placing them on the bottom shelf might not be advisable since the excess heat can reduce their durability. The containers are of Tritan material that offers optimal performance and durability. The glass-like containers still maintain their clarity wash after wash just like Bestek blender and Ninja BL770 review.  

Blending Tips

  • Adding ingredients when the machine is on requires you to remove filler cap from the lid and them through the opening. 
  • To get the best performance when using the 32 oz travel jar, use a minimum liquid of one cup. The 16 oz. Pot needs 3/4 cup of juice per recipe.
  • You should add more liquid if you realize your food is not blending properly. When the blending actions stop during operation or foods stick to the sides of the blender, there is a possibility you are not using enough liquid. 


  • Durable and made of durable plastic and metal
  • Large container, which offers more blending opportunities and smaller containers great for smaller blends
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sharp and fast blades
  • Fashionable color scheme and sleek design


  • Some people have complained the travel lids are not secure
  • Pouring from the larger container is not very smooth   

Important Info

The Hamilton Beach Blender uses 120V. Avoid using, and voltage enhancer devices, regulators, or your warranty will become void. Applying a very high voltage might burn the motor. The single server smoothie maker comes with come with BPA free parts that are dishwasher safe. However, always ensure that you are washing them in the top rack of the dishwasher. The bottom section has high heat, and continued use might ruin the plastics.


Sometimes buying a budget blender is a great or only solution. Hamilton Beach is in the market to satisfy the need of many individuals. If you are on a budget and want to choose an effective and a low-cost blender, then Hamilton Pro Blender is your best bet.

 The single-serve blender is powerful enough to handle a variety of ingredients easily: it comes with three different sized containers that you can carry on the go. The machine will be a good investment if you are a busy person. You can take your favorite juices and smoothies to your workplace or the gym.

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