Cosori 1500W Professional Blender for Shakes and Smoothies Review

You do not have to break a sweat to own a reliable and commercial grade blender these days! With many brands in the market nowadays, getting a high-powered blender has never been more affordable. The COSORI smoothie blender can make more than one cup of smoothie. It is also strong enough to make hot soup, grind coffee beans, knead a batter, etc.

If you think that is just it, then you are mistaken. The blender comes with a 64-ounce BPA free pitcher, two containers, and a 27-ounce bottle for storing smoothies and shakes on the go.


Key Features

  • 1500 W motor
  • 70oz BPA-Free Pitcher and 27oz Bottle
  • Commercial Heavy Duty Food Processor with 2HP motor
  • Stainless steel 6 premium razor-sharp blade
  • Can handle smoothies and milkshakes, ice cream, and frozen ingredients
  • Variable speed control and dish-washer safe parts

The COSORI 1500W blender can handle tasks of all kinds whether large or small. Its powerful  motor dices, chops, and purees different types of ingredients to the consistency you desire while extracting all the nutrients to keep your body healthy.

Additionally, it can heat up foods by revving up a speed of 30000RPM delivering warm soups for you to enjoy. COSORI shake blender is more than just a blender as it can serve multiple functions such as ice crushing, coffee grinding, heavy duty food processing, and much more.

It comes with many safety features to ensure peril free operation that includes overheating protection, and automatic overload protection. Just like Ninja BL482, Ninja BL456and Ninja BL770, it has a pitcher sensor to prevent the motor from running if you have not properly connected the pitcher to the base. The removable parts are from BPA-free materials and are dishwasher safe.

All its parts come with a one-year warranty and lifetime support. You buy the blender with a recipe book so you can try out new recipes with it. It has an easy to use variable speed control, soup function and a pulse feature, and a tamper to help easy moving of healthy ingredients down the blade.

Its stainless steel 6-premium razor-sharp blade easily handles fruits, ingredients, seeds, and vegetables for vitamin and nutrient extraction. It is only good for a family, but you can make enough smoothies for some people, and take nutrient-rich super juices on the go.


A COSORI 1500W blender is a machine that offers performance and power for an affordable price. It comes with a robust 2-hp motor that produces 1500W of power and spins the blades at 30,000 RPM. It has a knob that controls the blade speeds giving you more control of how subtle or chunky you want your recipes. With this blender, you can make a lot of stuff.

Apart from shakes and smoothies, you can mix a butter, blend sorbets, crush ice, and hot soups. It saves you much money since you do not need to eat out to enjoy a nice meal.

Design and Material

What distinguishes this blender from others is it comes with a smaller travel bottle so you can bring smoothies with you. Its parts are BPA free meaning you and your family is safe from any chemicals.

It comes with six-prong blades – four on top and another two at the bottom that helps scrape off ingredients that the other two edges cant. For this reason, your smoothies will be smoother and your grounded coffee finer. COSORI blender has a simple interface: two toggle switches that flank a dial in the middle. The middle dial is there to control the blade from low to high setting.

 The soup setting and pulse is on the left and on/off switch on the right. If you want to make sorbets or soups, makers recommend you to check the recipe book for exact settings for different recipe types.


Like Aicok professional blender, COSORI smoothie maker and food processor has a powerful motor that can handle even the toughest of ingredients. The motor is 2-hp, 1500W, and has six blades sitting at the bottom of the 64-ounce pitcher.

It comes with a tamper that helps with making things like sorbets or nut butter. You can also make the hot soup even without heating ingredients because of the blades spinning at 30000 RPM.

Its top lid has vents that let steam out and keep it safe from the pressure developing inside. The blades are sharp enough for grinding coffee beans.

Easy to Clean

COSORI 1500W blender comes with dishwasher-safe parts such as the lid, pitcher, and travel bottle for easy cleaning. It has an extra cleaning brush that helps you clean it in less than a minute.

Besides, the brush makes hand washing easier and safer. Ensure that you are rinsing it well to ensure you do not leave any soapy residue behind.

What You Will Like

  • Powerful motor
  • Affordable price
  • You can make larger batches for a family because it comes with a larger pitcher
  • Easy to clean
  • You can make hot soup

What You Might Dislike

  • The large pitcher might not fit under some cabinets
  • The 1500W motor might be loud


  • 2HP motor (1500W)
  • Jug capacity: one 64 once jug and one 27 ounce jug
  • Six prong stainless steel blades 
  • Preset blending cycles for soup
  • Plunger/tamper
  • Two years warranty


COSORI smoothie maker and food processor is an affordable blender with variable speed control that gives you the value for your money.

Just like Aicok blenders, Vitamix blenders and even juicers, it is versatile and will not only make your favorite shake or smoothie, it can also make you juices from fruits and vegetables, make milkshakes, grind coffee, and silky smooth purées.

As a food processor, it comes with a powerful commercial grade motor that can handle even the toughest of ingredients such as ice cream, whole juice, frozen fruits and veggies, nuts, spices, and coffee.

Despite the noise produced, COSORI 1500W blender is a worthy investment. The six-prong blades can handle anything you throw in. Some people have complained the warranty is short, but you can purchase an extended one for around $7. Nonetheless, it is one of the best blenders that you can never miss to own. 

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