Breville Boss Blender (BBL910XL) for Fresh Smoothies and Frozen Dessert

Most blenders nowadays come with pitchers with flaws. The main problem is the flat-shaped bottom that causes ingredients that result in uneven chopping of ingredients. However, this should not worry you now.

Breville introduced a Boss Easy to Use Superblender with the claim of solving the inconsistencies in shakes and smoothies that people make. All its items begin with a unique moment of brilliance. The Breville BBL910XL started with the observation that some blending foods float while others do not.

Sometimes, pulling down what is on top becomes a problem, but this smoothie maker solves that problem. It is top rated than most blenders on the market because of its consistency in blending. Besides the innovative design, the manufactures contoured the extra-large stainless steel blades to sweep along the bottom of the jug and push foods up while central blades pull foods down.

The sleek design reduces food traps. It eliminates the need to remove foods out from under the blades or mix them up by hand. Breville Boss Blender comes with five speeds including blend, snow, liquefy, mix and puree. Ice-crush, smoothie, and pulse buttons supplement these. Makers create the buttons with varying speeds alternating blending and pulsing to move foods in the jug.


The Breville SuperBlender comes with a round concave design that suits the shape of the blade instead of the flat bottom, which helps in making better tasting guacamole and consistently chunk free smoothies. Its preset options take away the guesswork and save you much time.

The Boss blender can perform many tasks from making margaritas or smoothies to chopping vegetables and turning them into healthy salsa drink. Just like Ninja BL770 blender, it was designed with you in mind, and it is comfortable to use and clean.

The five different speeds, an LCD timer, and three additional task functions make blending extremely easy. You need a single push of a button.

What to Expect from the Boss Blender

At first look, Breville Boss Blender would fit in most kitchen counters thanks to its clean silver finish. You can easily access the controls since they are easily visible making the smoothie maker easy to use.

It has seven preset controls for different functions like making smoothies, crushing ice, pureeing, chopping ingredients, and frozen dessert. The varying speed settings eliminate guesswork on your part.

The LED timer on the right-hand part of the control enables users to set the time that they want to blend manually. You are always the one in control of the shake blender.

Its 48-ounce container is BPA free is decent for a small family. The bottom part of the container has a concave shape that suits the shape of the blade, which means a more even and consistent blend since there is less space below for foods to be stuck.

What the Breville BBL910XL Blender can Make

Just like Vitamix 5300 and Ninja Intellisense,  device can do more than just making smoothies. Although it is listed 1500W power, the machine can process food too.

  • Smoothies - it makes green smoothies faster with the puree setting.
  • Ice crushing and Frozen Desserts – the blender will do a decent job at crushing ice. Even without water, it will break ice comfortably. This demonstrates the motor is powerful enough to handle most things thrown at it. In the pulse options, it has an ice crushing setting for all this.
  • Nut butter – the Breville Boss Blender does a great job on the ice. It is also great for making guacamole.
  • Applesauce – the machine can make almond butter, pancake batter, pesto, and even blend a block of cheese. It is a versatile blender and at the same time strong enough to mix tough ingredients like apples.

Easy to Clean

Since its jug and blade are one piece, you cannot take them apart and do the cleaning separately using a towel or sponge. However, it is easy to clean it. Just fill the jar halfway with warm water, add a few drops of dish soap, and then pulse for half a minute to dislodge any food elements in the crevices.

Always ensure you are cleaning the machine after each use to ease your cleaning process. The jar and blade are also dishwasher safe, which eases the process even more. However, rinse the pot first before putting it in a dishwasher: use the top shelf of the dishwasher.

The Boss Blender is made from high-quality materials, and the sturdy blades are made of unique surgical grade stainless steel that makes sure they remain sharp for longer: the heavy-duty base if of die-cast stainless steel.

Reason to Buy

  • Excellent in making smoothies and handling frozen dessert
  • Very good at grinding coffee beans
  • Blades permanently attached to the jar, so no assembly needed    
  • You can quickly place the pot on the base. Designed for righties and lefties
  • The machine is relatively quiet
  • Parts are dishwasher safe
  • The lid is easy to insert and take off, and you can use the cap for measuring
  • Easy to use controls and comes with an automatic pulse

However, you might encounter some challenges in cleaning. Clean the pot thoroughly or immediately after use.

Final Thoughts

Breville Boss blender is an excellent machine for people who are looking for an all-around appliance that can crush ice, make smoothies, make almond milk, and much more. Its 1500W motor is strong enough to handle tougher tasks like making almond milk. On performance, it is incredible and performs equally well like Vitamix 750 series. It will be a great kitchen addition given its ability to ice and frozen desserts.