Blendtec vs. Vitamix vs. Ninja

From powerful motors to big jars, sound-proof options, and even more features, these blenders have got it all. However, only one can emerge the winner of the contest. Take a look at what features each mixer has and conclude for yourself which one tops this battle. The comparison is made using machines in the same grade.

Blendtec 795

Unlike most blenders that have a cylindrical shaped jar, Blendtec has the five-sided jar that pushes your ingredients to the center. This means you do not have to use a tapper for gathering ingredients to the center of the jug. Also, the motor is quite resilient.

It can heat up to 500°f, while still functioning optimally. And while this motor provides industrial power of 3.0hp, the noise does not match up to industrial grade blenders. The compact enclosure housing the engine keeps the sound at a minimum always.

The jar can hold 90 oz of content, which means you can make drinks and batters in big batches. A 13inch spatula is provided to help you scrape off all the paste from the sides. This spatula is heat-proof, which means you can use it on the hottest soups without ruining it. When it comes to speed, the professional blender has up to 11 variations of speed, which you can change using the touchpad.

And by the way, this pad is illuminated, so that’s a plus for Blendtec. You get to choose from six pre-programmed settings whenever you want to use default settings for exclusive recipes. Just in case your food is not perfectly blended, the pulse button is there for such instances. The jar is BPA free, which means that it is safe to use with both cold and hot drinks alike.

A built-in timer is also part of the deal. You can set how much time you want the blender to keep going, and when your drink is almost ready, the timer will count down to the last second, alerting you that it is time to go switch off the power. Best of all, this Blendtec blender comes with an eight-year warranty, so it is guaranteed that you will get your money’s worth once you spend the $799.95 on it.

Ninja Professional BL740

The Ninja professional blender has a rectangular jar and a circular base. While the fluid moves circularly in the jug, the sharp corners stop the monotonous circular motion, forcing the contents to move into the middle. This blender has a powerful 1100 watts motor, strong enough to crush the toughest grains you throw into it.

The jar can hold a maximum of 72 0z of fluid, which lessens your work significantly during house parties, or whenever you want to make your kids a new smoothie or shake.

When you are in a hurry, there is no need to use the massive jug to make a drink. Take advantage of the 16 oz single cup to whip up a quick smoothie. Once you are done, use the to-go lid and get going.

This blender has six blades, which is super exciting. These enable you to grind anything from ice to nuts or grains, almost instantly. You have three-speed adjustments that you can select using the touchpad. Each of these availabilities is indicated on the blender, allowing you to choose what speed intensity you want. These are:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

In addition to these icons, a power on and off button is also available. When it comes to cleaning the motor, the smooth finish allows you to clean the gadget easily in one or two swipes, with the help of a damp cloth.

Even though the jug is made of plastic, it is free of BPA, and you can wash it in the dishwasher without worrying that it may shutter. You may have to spend about $100 or more on a new blender, but refurbished ones are also available for much less.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

The Vitamix 750 blender runs on a 2.2 hp motor, making it the perfect machine for crushing hard items.It has five pre-programmed settings for making select drinks instantly. A single click or touch on the respective buttons will have you enjoying your smoothie in minutes.

However, one of these pre-sets is the self-wash setting, so essentially, the blender has four pre-programmed settings in it. You receive a 64 ounces jar, which is equivalent to two liters. So, you are welcomed to make huge mixtures in one batch effortlessly.

You determine how fast or slow the blender spins, with the help of a central speed knob. You can adjust it to the lowest, which is 1 or increase it to 10. The knob can turn any way for convenience. However, it is advisable to start from the bottom up to avoid shuttering the jar. If you prefer the pulse option, an icon for this job is also available.

Vitamix 750 blades are hardened stainless steel so that they can grind your grains into a fine powder. Also, they are longer, making it easy to reach ingredients in the outmost layer comfortably. Lastly, the 750 series blender boasts of a cool running motor. This ensures that the machinery does not fire up due to overheating. To get this blender, you need $598.95.

Wrap Up

Of the three blenders, Blendtec is the best even though it is the most expensive. This is because it has a higher horsepower capacity as compared to the others. Also, it has a larger jar, which holds up to 3 liters of fluids. Additionally, it has a timer, 11-speed variations, and can withstand up to 500°f of heat.

Vitamix comes in at the second place, now that its motor has a 2.2hp. Longer blades, varying speeds, and  five pre-sets.. Last in line is the Ninja professional blender. It has the least power, lagging behind at 1100w. While the other two blenders have several pre-sets, the Ninja professional machine has just one, for the single-serve option. However, it is the cheapest considering that it costs less than $150.