The Best Single Serve Blenders: Small Personal Blenders for Smoothies

If you are looking for the best personal single serve blenders, this list is for you. This is the most comprehensive list of the best single serve blender under budget in the market right now.

Tribest Glass Personal Blender

Since Tribest PBG-5050-A is a pure glass personal blender, it provides a user with a safe, plastic-free environment for a healthy blending. The stainless steel blades are strong enough to crush a variety of ingredients, including bulletproof coffee, tough vegetables, frozen fruits, and ice.

With the variable speed control option, you can easily blend the ingredients at your own pace. Because this blending machine is compact, you can bring it with you whenever you travel to various destinations.

The BFA-free design makes this device safe for use. The product has a 5-year manufacturer warranty, which means customer support and satisfaction is a guarantee.

NutriBullet Pro Single Serve Blender

NutriBullet Sport

NutriBullet is a popular household name. Moreover, their 13-Piece 900 Watts Pro blender is one of the cheapest yet powerful blending machines that money can buy. Since this unit weighs just 11.4 lbs, it shouldn’t be difficult to bring it with you to your next trip.

The 900 watts motor is bigger than what the 600 and the 900 models have. You get increased crushing power that easily grinds different ingredients in the shortest time possible.

The speed option, which can go up to a maximum of 25,000 RPM,  gives the machine the processing power that it needs to grind different ingredients that you throw to it.

Ninja Personal Blender


Best known for its Smooth Boost technology, the SharkNinja single serve blender is a good option for those who need the best smoothies blender.

 The Pro Extractor Blades give this machine the processing power that it needs to grind and blend the ingredients that you throw into it. The Auto-iQ technology, which does all the blending work for you, is one of this blender’s best features.

The Smooth Boost technology, together with the string blades and high-speed motors, give you the blending control you need to make smooth, tasty smoothies in just a couple of minutes. If anything, this blending machine justifies the asking price with its unique build.

CHULUX Smoothie Bullet Small Blender Maker 


With CHULUX, you do not just blend. You also blend with ease. This blending machine features a 1000W blending and grinding power and powerful steel blades that can easily handle any ingredient that you throw to it, especially coffee beans.

Thanks to the smart one-touch operation, you can blend your ingredients fast and stop when the blend is ready. All the parts are BPA-free, so you do not have to worry about the toxicity of plastic chemicals.

The blender automatically stops if the motor overheats, which enhances the unit’s durability.

Magic Bullet Blender


If you are under a tight budget and you are really in an urgent need of a blending machine, then you should consider the Magic Bullet Personal Blender. You will love the fact that it comes with multiple cups, so you can decide just how much you want to blend.

This unit is not as powerful as the SharkNinja blender, but its 250 watts of power is still good enough to grind some soft ingredients. You also get a recipe book, which is a good addition for people who are completely new to blending.

Nutri Ninja Single Serve Blender


Nutri Ninja Blender is a good option for people who are looking for an affordable personal blender in the market. With its 1,000 watts of power, this blending unit can crush and blend almost anything you throw to it. 

Among the Ninja blender reviews, it is quite popular among people that blend smoothies and frozen ingredients. This unit does not feature a plunger, so it is not ideal for making sorbet or nut butter. You get three containers when you buy this one.

The small one is 12 ounces, and the larger one is 24 ounces. Apart from the pulse option, the machine features a blend and ultra blend preset control.

COSORI Personal Blender 


The 800-watt heavy-duty moor built into this blender is so powerful that it can crush and blend ingredients with ease. This is a good option for blending protein shakes and different types of juices.

This blender features three different cups, 2 x 32 ounces cups and one 24 ounces cup. With these large cups, you can make smoothies and juices for more than one person on the go.

Since this blending machine runs on automatic technology, grinding and blending ingredients on its own and then stopping when the job is complete, you do not have to be near the unit to know what is going on.

NutriBullet NBR-1201


 The NBR-2101 is a 600 watts blender with a durable plastic body. This unit features one emulsifying blade, one flat blade, two short cups, and one tall cup.

Although the body of this unit is made of pure plastic, it is still durable, and it can even take an accidental drop or two and hold up quite well. The integrated milling blade helps to grind ingredients in the shortest time possible.

Moreover, the extractor blades are quite good when it comes to making smoothies. The cups are just of the right sizing, big enough to make you enough smoothies or juices just like commercial blender Vitamix.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender

Wave Crusher

One of the good things about Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender is the rating of the motor. At 700 watts, this unit can do the grinding job quite well in just a matter of minutes.

The machine is so powerful that it can grind some of the toughest ingredients with ease, especially coffee beans. Although the assembly process may be a bit difficult for some people, the unit should work just fine once you figure everything out.

The jar is 40 ounces in size, which means that you can make margaritas and smoothies for you and your friends. There is a spout close to the lid, which makes serving easy.

Nutri Ninja BL642 Personal and Countertop Blender

Ninja countertop

Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender is a machine with various premium features. The Auto-iQ technology takes the blending guesswork out of the equation and then helps you to prepare delicious drinks in just a couple of minutes.

The built-in preset program makes the blending job quite easy. With the Auto-iQ program, three manual settings, and the Total Crushing Technology, this machine can handle just about any kind of ingredient that you throw to it.

The 1,200 watts of power make this unit ideal for crushing, pureeing, making smoothies, and more. Something else that makes this machine stand out is the fact that it also doubles as a food processor.

Vitamix S55 S-Series Blender

Vitamix S55

Just like NutriBullet, Vitamix single serve has built a good name in the market for designing the best blending machines in the world. Vitamix is one of the most popular household names in many kitchens.

The S55 S-Series is one of the best brand’s models just like Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 5300 reviews. It is a well-built unit with a few premium features. A premium as it looks and feels, this unit is quite cheap and therefore a good option for buyers on a very tight budget.

The 40 oz container is big enough for a couple of serving, so this is a good unit to use if you have a family or friends coming over for the weekend.

Magic Bullet MBR-1101R Blender

Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet personal blender comes with a simple base and operates at a single speed. As such, it is only suitable for simple meals. If you want to grind tough ingredients in the shortest time possible, you should probably consider the likes of NutriBullet and Vitamix blender models.

Perhaps the best thing about this unit is the simplicity in design. The most important part, though, is that it does its job right. You get one tall cup and one short cup.

You will also notice that this product is quite cheap because of its simplicity, but the most important thing is that it is a good option for people under budget.

Portable Personal USB Blender by RSON ELBE


The first thing you notice when you look at this small blender is the design made of stainless steel resistant to wear and tear. The 420 ml capacity of this blender makes it a convenient option for a single serve.

Moreover, since it is lightweight, you can easily bring it with you wherever you would like to go. This unit features a USB charging port, so you can use it with your power bank when the power goes out as well as when you are far away from the charging station.

It is one of the cheapest blending machines on this list.

Riiai Personal Blender 


 For the price, you get a blending machine that does the job right. In fact, with its 500 watts motor, together with the six stainless steel blades, this machine can pulverize ingredients with ease in just a few minutes.

One of the things that you will love about this blending machine is its low-noise operation. No one wants a loud unit and makes a great choice for someone who is looking for a blending unit that can grind ingredients quietly.

The 570 ml capacity lets you serve more smoothies compared to the Portable Personal USB Blender.

Ninja BL455 Nutri Professional Personal Blender


The BL455 model also falls into the sweet spot when it comes to performance, getting the basics done faster and accurately. It is also one of the most affordable options in the Ninja blender series.

Therefore, it makes a good option for buyers who are looking for the best blender under budgetIt is important to note that not all the parts of this unit are dishwasher safe. You must never submerge the electrical components and the power base in water.

Only the cups are lids are dishwasher safe. Despite the merits, it is not ideal for crushing dry foods.

CleanBlend Commercial Blender 


 CleanBlend may not be one of the most popular commercial blending machines in the market. However, this unit does the job quite well. The 64 ounces container is BPA free, so you can grind, mix, and consume different drinks without worrying about plastic toxicity.

The 1,800 watts motor and the eight stainless steel blade are powerful and strong enough to handle the ingredients that you throw into this unit.

Just like Betitay 1500W blender and best Vitamix blender, the variable speed control lets you determine how fast you want the machine to blend the ingredients that you throw into it. This blending machine is suitable for making salsas cappuccinos, milkshakes, fresh juice, ice cream, soups, and sauce.

Ventray Pro 600 Professional Blender 


The Ventray Pro 600 does not disappoint one bit when it comes to performance. It features the best built-ins designed to give you the blending power that you need to make smooth, tasty drinks. Like many high-end blenders, this unit features digital touch control, a 1500 watts motor, and BPA free parts.

This blending machine is suitable for a variety of foodstuff, including family desserts, hot soups, ice cream, and smoothies. The five pre-programmed functions make blending easy.

The options include smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, dry grind, and fruits and vegetables. This pro unit is also a quite unit, a good option for people that can’t stand the noise from a blending machine.

AIMORES Commercial Blender 


If you are looking for a blending machine with a LED Touch Screen Control, then AIMORES Commercial Blender is worth trying. This unit features a powerful motor of 900 watts. Combine this with the strong blades and what you get is a powerful machine that can pulverize any ingredient that you throw to it. Since it is a powerful unit, this machine can crush ice quite easily.

 Since it can crush, it should be able to grind and mix other tough ingredients that you throw to it. The 8pre-programmed settings take the guesswork out of the blending equation, thus giving you an easy time to make your food. Apart from crushing ice in just a few minutes, this unit can also handle frozen drinks, make pumpkin, and puree soup, as well as soy and almond milk. 

BESTEK Professional Blender


If you are on a very tight budget and you are looking for the best personal blender under $100, you might want to consider the BESTEK Professional Blender.

This unit has a powerful, 1500 watts motor. Combine that with the six stainless steel blade and what you get is a powerful blending machine that can crush just about any ingredients. The six pre-programmed settings make this unit quite easy and convenient to use.

These settings let you prepare different foods on the go, which is quite convenient for someone who travels a lot. Simply take the ingredients that you would like to blend, put them in the blender, choose any of the settings, and you are good to go. 

MengK Smoothie Blender


MengK is one of the best smoothie blenders under $150  that has all the built-in features that you need to blend your food items in just a couple of minutes. To begin with, the 1400 watts motor can help you achieve quite a lot. 

With this kind of power for a motor, you can achieve a perfect mix of different ingredient by crushing, grinding, and mixing them with ease. The six sharp blades easily cut through different ingredients in minutes. 

Moreover, the timer system gives you the freedom to decide how long you want the blender to run. Also, the timer is ideal for making different foods, including blender for bulletproof coffee, a vegetable smoothie, cereal grinds, and fruits.

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender 

single hamil

The 5112 model from Hamilton is one of the cheapest personal blenders that you can buy today. This unit is so compact that you can bring it with you to your travel destination.

Moreover, since it is lightweight, it should not be difficult to carry around. This is a low performing blender because the motor is only 170 watts. As such, it is not a good machine to use to grind dry foods or ice.

It is only suitable for blending protein shakes. The jars and lids of this blending machine are dishwasher safe. The materials used to build the blender are BPA free, so you do not have to worry about toxic chemicals.

Hamilton Beach 511101BA 


Hamilton Beach designs some of the best personal blenders in the market. Moreover, they have the 51101BA model to show for it. This unit is so compact that it can fit in a very small space. Therefore, it will not take up much space on your car, backpack, or countertop. It is a single serve unit, which goes a long way to explain why it is a good option for travel. 

This unit won’t crush ice, but it is a good option for making baby foodsalad dressings, protein shakes, and smoothies. The unit features a wraparound code, which makes storage easier. The jar is just 14 oz, which is still good enough for a single serving. If this capacity is small for you, you should consider buying a different blending machine with a bigger jar. The blender is BPA free, so you can use it with confidence that you aren’t going to expose yourself to toxic chemicals.

Keyton Travel Blender

Keyton is the best alternative to Hamilton Beach 511101BA because it has a larger capacity. You get a 21 oz jar, which is 7 oz, more than what you get with the 511101BA from Hamilton Beach.

The pricing of this unit is also fair. Even if you are on a very tight budget, you can still manage to buy the Keyton travel blender. It is one of the best blenders under $50 on this list. When it comes to design, this unity can capture your eyes. Thanks to the fact that it is a one-touch function device, you can set it up and leave to function completely hands-free. The travel lid appeals a lot to people that move around a lot. 

That’s because it makes it easy for a person to prepare and drink protein shakes or smoothies almost anywhere. Because all the parts of this unit are dishwasher safe, it should take you only a few minutes to do the cleanup.

BILACA Smoothie Single Serve Blender 


BILACA is not a brand name that you hear all the time. However, its smoothie blender is one of the cheapest options in the market today. In fact, for just under $50, you get yourself a unit that can make smoothies and protein shakes quite fast.

For the price, you get two additional sports bottle that you can bring with you wherever you go. These travel bottles are BPA free, so you do not need to worry about the toxicity of plastic chemicals.

Another important thing to note about this blending machine is that it is very easy to clean, so it should take you just a few minutes to clean it up.

Comfee Single Serving Blender 


At 250 watts of power, the motor of this blender isn’t powerful enough to grind, crush, and blend dry foods, ice, or frozen fruits. On the other hand, though, the motor is powerful enough to grind and blend baby foods, juice, jam, and smoothies.

It is also one of the cheapest options in the market right now, costing less than $50.