Best Single Serve Bullet Blenders for Smoothies and Shakes

Whether you want to begin your day with a healthy smoothie or want to enjoy delicious frozen margaritas, a blender is becoming a must-have item in your kitchen. Individuals are increasingly turning to bullet blenders, which offer easy cleanup, ease of use and massive power.

The bullet blenders mostly come in smaller capacities compared to full-sized ones making them ideal for personal blending. The feature makes them perfect for creating a single serving smoothie fast.

However, as many bullet brands enter the market, it can be tedious to know the best one to buy especially after going through their prices and features. When deciding which blender to purchase, you need to be aware of how to get the one that suits your needs. You need to be sure of the features that make a good blender. Its power and blades are one. Additionally, ensure the mixer is dishwasher safe and BPA free to avoid poisoning besides being cost-effective.


NutriBullet 12 Piece Mixer System is an all in one shredder, blender, chopper, and grinder kitchen item. It is a powerful device made of stainless steel and comes with different blades, two different cup sizes, cyclonic actions, and resealable lids.

The bullet blender comes with a warranty of one year so you can use it without worry. It is portable, easy to use, and safe for kids and effortlessly pulverizes vegetables, fruits, protein, and superfoods shakes into a sweet, smooth texture.

The patented blade design, power, and cyclonic action work together to extract all vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients from your ingredients helping you achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible. NutriBullet complies with US & Canadian Electrical Standards. You do not need any voltage converter lest you void your warranty as an unauthorized modification.

Top Features

Nutribullet System

A Nutribullet system is simply the best in the market to make delicious, healthy drinks that can help you prevent and fight diseases, relieve joint pains, gain smooth skin and lose weight. The technology pulverizes and breaks down seeds, stems, and skins where most essential nutrients lie. By adding your favorite ingredients to the blender with water, it will extract components into a smooth and delicious drink.

Easy to Prepare and Clean

The bullet blender comes with a powerful motor that can shred and pulverize stems, skins, and seeds effortlessly. For this reason, you do not have to do much preparation. It is suitable for making a drink for one person so you will only prepare a few items, which saves you much time and is the best commercial blender.

BPA free

The High-Speed Blender is made using BPA free materials, which mean you, and your family will be safe from poisoning. Its parts are also dishwasher safe. The product is China made and comes with a capacity of 3 cups, 3.6 lbs weight, and base dimensions of 5.375″ Diameter x 8″ Height.

NutriBullet Pro- 13-Piece High-Speed Blender


This NutriBullet Pro 13-piece comes with a powerful 900-watt motor with patented extraction blades and exclusive cyclonic action to pulverize, break down, and emulsify whole vegetables and fruits, producing delicious smooth drinks that nourish your body from inside out.

The shake blender makes drinks that you can enjoy at home or on the go. It has a compact size, and you can quickly assemble it to fit any countertop. Its blades, cups, and accessories rinse quickly under running water and are dishwasher safe.

The NutriBullet PRO is easy to use and comes with a membership recipe with more than 700 smoothie recipes. Its 13-piece sets are two top, flip lids, one emulsifying extractor blade, high torque power base, one pocket nutritionist, two comfort lip rings, one user manual, two large cups, two-handled lip rings and one blasting for excellent health recipe book.

Top Features

Powerful Motor

NutriBullet PRO comes with a 900-watt that can handle even the most hardened seeds, fruits, vegetables efficiently to produce nutritious nut butter; protein shakes and green smoothies.

Easy to Clean

You can wash the removable parts quickly under running water after efficiently because they will rinse clean. These parts are also dishwasher safe, which saves you much time while cleaning. You can also blend and drink from the same cup, which reduces clean up time like Vitamix 5200

One-Year Warranty

You get a one-year warranty when you purchase NutriBullet PRO, which means you can use this device without worry. However, do not use the blender with any adapter or voltage converter item. Using them voids the warranty in case the blender is spoilt since these are unauthorized modifications. You also get to enjoy hundreds of smoothie recipes.

NutriBullet 14 Piece Nutrition Extractor Blender Juicer NBR-1401 Nutri Bullet

nutribullet 14 piece

Nutri Bullet NBR-1401 comes with a powerful 600W motor that effortlessly pulverizes vegetables, superfoods, fruits, and protein shakes. Smoothie maker has two re-sealable lids, one tall cup, power base, two short cups, one non-handled lip ring, one handled lip ring, one milling blade, and one extractor blade, pocket nutritionist, manual and natural healing foods book, and 1 Flip-top to-go lid with the oversized mug.

Its motor and extractor blade can open seeds, shred skins, crack through stems, and access hidden nutrients in food. It breaks down food to the most digestible state to help your body improve health-wise and boost energy levels.

Top Features

Can Handle even the Toughest of Foods

Its powerful 600W motor can easily handle hard tough fruits, vegetables, and seeds. NutriBullet NBR-1401 comes with a patented combination of the exclusive cyclonic action and extractor blade that provide the power to pulverize, break down, and emulsify ingredients so you can have the hidden nutrients.

BPA free

It comes with BPA free plastics with no toxins, which means using this blender cannot poison you. You and any family member using it are safe. It has no bisphenol or phthalates.

Easy to Clean

The makers have made this blender in a way that you can clean it quickly. Most of its removable parts are dishwasher safe, and you can quickly rinse them under running water.

NutriBullet 8-Piece High-Speed Blender and Mixer System


NutriBullet has done a great job with this smoothie maker. It comes with a 600-watt motor that flawlessly pulverizes fruits, superfoods, vegetables for nutritious green smoothies and protein shakes. The high-torque power base guarantees faster blending and smoothie making experience.

The bullet blender is great because of the patented stainless steel blade design that works with cyclonic action. The features include one tall cup, power base, one emulsifying blade, one short cup, one comfort lip ring, one handled lip ring, manual with recipes, and pocket nutritionists; also comes with a one-year warranty.

NutriBullet recommends that you read warnings, labels, directions, and any other relevant information provided before using this product. If you encounter any issues with the machine, contact the manufacturers.

Top Features


Its 600-watt motor can handle some of the toughest vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients. The motor effortlessly pulverizes the ingredients to produce a smooth and delicious green juice and smoothies. Stainless steel blade design works with cyclonic action to make work more comfortable for the bullet smoothie maker.

Easy to Clean

Just like other NutriBullet blenders, this one is easy to clean. You can easily rinse the removable parts under running water

Easy to use

All you need to do is read the manual, and assembling it is easy.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

NutriBullet Rx is one of the world’s most effective nutrient extractor. It helps you smartly elevate your health. It comes with a 1700-watt. It exceeds the ability of standard juicers and blenders, transforming regular food into superfood.

It motor uses hands-free SMART technology to operate at a perfect speed for the exact amount of time you need to break down even the toughest ingredients producing silky smooth smoothies that your body needs.

NutriBullet Rx also features a 7-Minute Heating Cycle that transforms raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and spices into warm sauces, beverages, dips, and puréed soups. With the compliance with US & Canadian Electrical Standards, do not use it with any voltage converter item or adapter as it would void your warranty.

Top Features

High Torque Power Base

It comes with a 2.3 horsepower high-torque base that makes the most nutritious, smoothest fruit and vegetable-based drinks possible. On a revolutionary hands-free smart technology, the power base starts automatically, getting your drink at the exact time and speed it needs to offer optimal nutrition.

When you press the G-Button found on the front side of the blender, the High-Torque Power Base activates soup-making mode, a seven-minute heating cycle that produces piping hot, fresh, nutrient-extracted soups and drinks.


It is one of the most efficient blenders in the market. It comes with an extractor blade that enables it to extract whole vegetables and fruits into drinks without getting rid of nutrients and fiber; also comes with a blade remover. If the blade is stuck, you can safely untwist it easily. Other features like Stay-Fresh Re-sealable Lid, Pitcher Lid, one 45-oz Oversized Cup, boost its efficiency.

User Guide

The guide offers all safety and instruction information regarding the use of NutriBullet Rx which makes it easy to use it. The bullet blender also comes with a Natures Prescription Recipe Book with many recipes. The book also describes how specific nutrients influence your body.

The Original Magic Bullet Special Edition 7-Piece Set Blender

Original Magic Bullet Special Edition

This Bullet blender is a 7-piece machine that comes with a stainless steel cross blade that is easy and fast to work. It is the original hi-speed mixer and blender. You make this it fast by keeping it simple. You can do any job in less than ten seconds.

Some of the features include one tall cup, one stainless steel cross blade, one high-torque power base, one party mug, a lip ring, two stay-fresh resealable lids, ten-second recipe book, a short cup, and a flip-top lid. You can make a quick snack in seconds. You can grind coffee; make salsa, guacamole, pesto sauce, your favorite smoothies and many more with this blender.

Top Features

Powerful and Efficient

The shake blender comes with a stainless steel cross blade that will chop, grate and blend foods like cheese, onions, frozen foods, and meats with ease. It also features a powerful motor that can handle tough foods.

Easy to Use

The smoothie blender comes with an instructions manual and recipe book to guide the user. Even people who are starting on juicing will find it easy to use.

Extra Features

It comes with tiny cups for dips such as guacamole and salsa. Its unique configuration is a tall cup with lip ring ideal for making milkshakes and smoothies.


Always consider many features before purchasing a single serve blender for smoothies and shakes. One function that determines the consistency of the juice, smoothie, and ice cream is the motor. A strong motor will pulverize your ingredients and give that consistent smoothie or juice you love.

In your smoothie maker reviews selection, be sure to choose a blender with a motor that is above 400W to avoid disappointments. Additionally, go for a blender with a collection jar large enough to enable continuous smoothie making/ juicing. A juicer with a durable base of the appliance and stainless steel blades and pitcher is a plus.

NutriBullet NBR-1201 and Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx come out as the best bullet blenders that are worth the value for your money. The single serving features, powerful motors, and stainless steel parts are some of the features to appreciate. 

An efficient bullet blender will help you make healthy-delicious juices and smoothies fast and with few limited resources. With their single serve features, they are the best small blenders ideal personal routines.

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