Aimores Commercial Blender for Shakes and Smoothies Buyer Guide

If you have a large family or you want to start a restaurant or a juice bar, then buying a commercial blender is a great idea. It comes with a strong motor able to produce smoothies, shakes, and juices enough for many individuals.

Besides, commercial blenders are designed to handle even the toughest of fruits. One blender that stands out is the Aimores Commercial Blender for Shakes and Smoothies. Buying this blender is doing yourself a big favor.

  • Food processor
  • 75oz Pitcher
  • Heavy duty
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Six Sharp Blades
  • Tamper & Recipe
  • ETL/FDA Certified


With Aimores Professional Smoothie Blender, you are bringing professional cooking ideas to your home. The blender will surprise you with the level of quality it offers.

The more powerful the machine is, the more things you can do with it. Its enables you to create things like peanut butter, almond milk, pancake mix, omelet mix, cocktail, puddings, sauces, soups, flour, milkshakes, and so much more including your favorite shakes and smoothies just like Ninja Mega Kitchen system 1500 review, Bestek professional blender, and Vitamix comparison

If you love a smooth texture, then Aimores Commercial Blender offers precisely that, especially as a food processor. It operates at a quiet noise, and you can comfortably hold a conversation when the blender is running.

With the shake blender, you do not have to worry about waking up a sleeping child or distracting your close neighbors. The manual comes with easy to follow instructions that make your work even more comfortable as you would Ninja professional BL660.

Aimores blender comes with patented six-blade design and food processor. These combine with the electronic controls to form a powerful vortex that is thorough and strong enough for great blending results: it is incredibly easy to use, as you do not need any other fancy equipment.

It focuses on the main functionality of variable speed machine itself. Cleaning is easy too due to the BPA-fee Tritan pitcher without yellowing.

The smoothie maker with a gravity switch to ensure the device automatically stops working when the pitcher is not in place. It comes with a smart lid design that works perfectly for pouring drinks, and it avoids overflowing during a blending session.

You do not have to worry when using this blender as it comes with a one-year warranty. The makers of this blender are confident with this device and trust it to perform to your desires. They provide a lifetime technical support to all their customers. You can call or email them anytime you need help.

Product Analysis

Great Performance

Aimores Commercial Blender is a great performer. It can handle even the toughest of ingredients silently and fast. Its motor is heavy duty and can blend for some people or a big family. It comes with patented six sharp blades cuts and crushes foods easily at a fast speed without straining. 

Design and Material

The blender comes with a professional patented design. It comes with the latest optimized six stainless steel thick blades – two horn sharp blades; two prolong sharp knives with the upward end and two sharp serrated blades with the downward end.

The prolonged blades are for grinding while the downward and upward bending blades crush foods efficiently. Unlike other blenders with six blades design, makers have designed these not to finish chunk under blades as well as reduce crushing time.

With this blender, it is a guarantee to enjoy the original taste of food. It comes with a cool running motor, maintains a cool temperature and even torque to give you the power you need to process any food.

It has a noise damping base with unique viscoelastic features with shock absorption, buffer effect and soundproofing.


Aimores Commercial Blender comes at a very affordable price just like Oster blender 14 speed, Cuisinart SBC 1000, and Breville Boss To Go. Considering what you can do with it, this device is worth the value of your cash. Shopping for this device online can save you a few cents. 

Easy to Clean

After use, just put some warm water and some dish soap in the jar of the blender then blend. The blender will self-clean in 30-60 seconds.

You can easily clean the removable parts under running water. All you need is a light brush to remove the food remains from the elements. Experts advise you wash your blender immediately after use to avoid food remains and pulp drying.

Dry foods and pulp might need much scrubbing and brushing, and you do not want to go through this. If you do not have enough time to clean, make sure you soak the parts in water.


  • 20000-28000 RPM (20000 on the low and 28000 on the high)
  • Operates at 1100 watts
  • Capacity: 75 Oz Tritan Pitcher
  • Some tips to keep in mind
  • Its blenders are sharp, so you should handle them carefully. Never insert your hand in the jar when the blender is operating.
  • Ensure the temperature of the hot liquid or any food does not go above 194℉.
  • It would help if you never inserted the pitcher blade set, cord, plug or base unit in water or other liquids
  • Product dimensions:   9.1 x 9 x 20.2 inches
  • Comes in light silver color  


What material is the pitcher made of?

It is plastic, durable, and easy to wash despite looking like glass.

How many watts is its motor?

It is 1100W with 28000 revolutions per minute

Can you use this blender for commercial use?

The blender is multifunctional and can be used for heavy-duty purposes. At 23000 to 320000 RPMs, you can use it to puree food, make hot soup, grind hard food materials like coffee and meat, making baby food, and even mixing dough.

Can you remove the blade from the pitcher for better cleanup?

Yes, the blender comes with a spanner, which you can use to remove the blade set. Be careful as the blades are sharp and can harm you easily.


Aimores Blender has a powerful motor and sharp motors that enable it to handle ingredients easily. It also extracts maximum nutrients and vitamins from your produce so you will enjoy very nutritious shakes and smoothies. The blender will change your healthy life tremendously. Its ability to work as a food processor also enhances its versatility as a multifunctional blender. Others machines to consider include Ninja blender bulletproof coffee, best Ninja blender for smoothies, and Ninja e310 reviews.