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Blender under Budget is your destination’s knowledgebase for blenders, smoothies, and other complementary products. We appreciate the fact that smoothie blending has moved from a hobby to an incredible practice for many families in America and across the world.

Through books, documentaries, infomercials and word-of-mouth, we all know the health benefits of homemade, nutrient rich, fresh smoothies. Although previously regarded as rare and luxurious items, blenders are some the must-have items in our kitchen today.

It all began as a handful of various blender models and brands, which have since grown into the mega, varied, and specialized market that exists today. The modern market presents us with a wide selection of blenders. However, picking the right blender from this multitude can be intimidating to most people.

With the numerous blender designs, styles, and functions, how do you know the model that will serve your personalized needs?

Whether you’re a veteran blender looking forward to upgrading your blender or you’re a new into the world of smoothie blending, it is critical that you research well before buying your next blender. The number of great blender models out there is as high as the number of junk models you’d want to avoid like the bubonic plague.

Even that inexpensive blender is an investment, and you’ll want to ensure that your next purchase gives you value for your hard-earned cash. Even after that, you’d want to have an awesome smoothie blending experience. Our smoothie recipes will be crucial at this point.

Your newly bought blender will undergo several stress factors including sugary fluids, frequent use, and tough chunks of produce, among others. Thus, like other kitchen appliances, you’ll want to get a reliable and durable blender that will serve you for as long as you wish.

At BlenderunderBudget.com, we know how hard it is to pick the right blender given the different categories like masticating blenders, cold press blenders, commercial blenders, centrifugal blenders, or citrus blenders. Each category has its own pros and cons.

We’ve those that are huge and noisy and those that grind and chop the produce. Some mash and squeeze your produce, while others are quiet and compact.

Some blenders excel at speed, others at the quantity of smoothie, and others are designed to make the healthiest smoothie on the planet. Some can handle any produce you throw at them whereas others can work with just about any produce.

Therefore, it’s not enough to find the best blender – you need to find one that suits your specific needs. That’s the mission of BlenderunderBudget.com.

We’ve created an independent review website that takes an honest look at the latest best-selling blenders. Our reviews come from first-hand experience; we use these blenders right in our homes as smoothie enthusiasts just like you!

At Blender under Budget, we also check out customer reviews, expert opinions, and consumer testing to write the most informed, credible, and balanced reviews for you. We also write informative buying guides, how-to guides, and smoothie recipes. This ensures that you enjoy using your blender and create the best smoothies that will give you more energy, a better skin, more testosterone, clearer thinking and more.

We organize our picks by design and brand to make it easy for you as you narrow down to the best product. Our top picks undergo meticulous scrutiny and testing. We weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each blender that we review.

At BlenderunderBudget.com, we ensure each blender we recommend matches the varying lifestyles of our readers, since each customer has different needs, wants, and limitations.

We hope that our insightful reviews will simplify the complex world of blenders, and help you to find the best model. If you can’t see your preferred blender on our site, check back often. We always update this website with new reviews, articles, and models for you.

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